Lefun Wireless IP Security Camera

With  the all-new Lefun Wireless IP Security Camera, you will have every edge of your home and business province covered. Just like Star Wars BB-8, Lefun Wireless IP Security Camera has the most amazing high-tech design which supports it to perform a sophisticated task around your house or even double as a baby monitor.

Here are some of the awesome features of the Lefun Wireless IP Security Camera

#1: 720p High Resolution

The Lefun Wireless IP Security Camera has the most incredible high-resolution picturizing feature which provides HD image and video quality that even a penny on the floor would be crystal clear in the images and videos captured.

#2: Full Rotating Ability

With its ability to perform full rotation, 350 degrees, as well as an upward tilt ability until 100 degrees. This ensures that the camera captures all movements within the house without missing any corner.

#3: Real-time motion detection

Lefun also effectively captures and senses the real-time motions and immediately sends motion alerts to your smartphone. The Lefun Security Camera’s financial level Encryption Technology assists you to connect it with all the devices in a secure way and send an immediate alert to your connected device.

You can still know if there is any unwanted movement in your house when you are away from home. Moreover, The Lefun Security Camera saves all the images and videos captured during motion detection as a backup.  You can view all the images and videos later. However to perform this action you have to insert a TF/micro SD card into the camera.

Lefun Wireless Security Camera

#4: High-quality Zoom In

Lefun Wireless IP Security Camera makes it easier for you to see even the tiniest thing at the corner of your house using its 8 times digital zoom.

Do not worry; unlike the zoom in feature in many other devices which creates a boxed image, the Lefun pleases the customer with a high-quality image even after the zoom in action.

#5: Talk smooth with Lefun

Are there elderly grandparents, a dog at your house or a baby in another room? Then the Lefun Wireless IP Security Camera is the best security camera for your house. It provides advanced noise-canceling technology which will enhance communication.

In simple words, it will emit the external noises while you are communicating to your baby, elderly or your pet in order to be heard clearly and have a fun and fluent two-way communication from anywhere with the Lefun.

#6 Large Internal Storage

Based on its high tech features, the Lefun Wireless IP Security Camera offers huge storage to save the photos and videos taken in its 24GB/32GB/128GB to the card. This also allows you to have more recording time compared to typical cameras and smartphones.

#7 Effective Night Vision

Speaking about its ability to provide up to 30 feet night vision during night or dark condition is simply jaw-dropping.  With this feature, the Lefun wireless IP security camera captures every single movement in your house crystal and clearly even if it is pitch black.

Conclusion on the Lefun Wireless IP Security Camera

To wrap things up while we were talking about, the most advanced security camera of the 21st century with topnotch features and remarkable performance.

Get it for your home sweet home and the rest will be taken care of by Lefun Wireless IP Security Camera.

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